Diversity & Equality

Peter’s research around the theme of diversity and equality started with his PhD thesis, The Employment Prospects of Older Workers. Following his PhD Peter has expanded his initial interest in the situation of older workers to consider wider issues of diversity. For instance, he lead the Ministry of Justice study (2010) investigating the resolution of conflicts arising across discrimination jurisdictions; with colleagues at the Institute for Fiscal Studies he investigated issues of Ethnic Parity in Jobcentre Plus (2008) and he has worked on studies of the business case for diversity with a range of bodies; leading studies commissioned by bodies such as the CIPD, DWfL and the LDA, between 2008 and 2010. 

A particularly interesting (and somewhat distinct) strand of Peter’s diversity research, undertaken with Prof. Emma Parry (Cranfield School of Management) considers the issue of Generational Diversity. Together with the publication of a CIPD report, Prof. Urwin has developed this area of investigation for academic audiences and those with a more practitioner-focus. 

Seclected Publications

Gould, M. and Urwin, P. (2017), “Barriers and Drivers of Diversity: Analysis of 10 years of the BSN Diversity Survey Sample of Firms”, A Black Solicitors Network and Law Society publication. 

Urwin, P., Parry, E., Dodds, I., Karuk, V. and David, A. (2013), “The Business Case for Equality and Diversity: a survey of the academic literature?” Government Equalities Office and Department for Business, Innovation and Skills, BIS Occasional Paper No. 4

Urwin, P., Karuk, V., David, A., Dodds, I. and Moss, G. (2011), The Strategic Economic Impact of Diversity on Business Performance, Commissioned by Diversity Works for London.

Urwin, P., Karuk, V., David, A., Dodds, I. and Moss, G. (2010), The Business Case for Diversity, Diversity Works for London.