Employment Relations & Conflict Resolution

The first funding Peter secured for this stream of research began with the study commissioned by the Ministry of Justice [Judicial Mediation in Employment Tribunals] in 2006. This followed on from earlier unfunded work on employee voice regimes using the 2003 Survey of Employment Tribunal Applications [SETA] and analysis of the Workplace Employment Relations Survey.

Working with Franz Buscha, Peter has carried forward his earlier empirical work on the SETA, securing funding in 2010 from Acas and the TUC; publishing some of the outputs from this funded work in the British Journal of Industrial Relations and successfully securing funding from the ESRC for a workplace conflict seminar series (as co-applicants).

Presently Peter is working on a chapter for the Oxford Handbook of Conflict Management in Organizations and preparing the workplace conflict seminar. In the report Peter produced as part of the contract secured with Acas in 2011, he developed a framework that draws together theoretical constructs from Economics, Law, Sociology and Industrial relations within which we can consider evidence on The Economic Impact of Acas Services. 

Selected Publications

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